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Jessica's Story

Jessica celebrated her 30th birthday on June 30, 2007. She had just received her Masters Degree in Library Science from Catholic University in Washington, DC, and was looking forward to her second wedding anniversary in July. During a family vacation in August 2007, she announced she was expecting her first child. Life was good.

Then in September, Jessica received a phone call that would change her life. Jessica had been diagnosed with Melanoma, a highly malignant and insidious form of skin cancer. After much research, she decided to seek treatment at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland. In October she had surgery to remove the cancer. In December she received the devastating news the cancer had spread to her liver. Her doctors decided to deliver her baby at 26 weeks in order to treat Jessica more aggressively and increase the odds of survival for her and her baby.

Her son was born in December of 2007 weighing 1 Lb. 12 Oz. Jessica was happy and determined despite having the odds stacked harshly against her. The months following her son’s birth became a series of grueling treatments for Jessica. She remained incredibly brave throughout the treatments, focusing only on the well-being of her son and never complaining or asking “why me?”

Within seven months of being diagnosed, Jessica battled this horrible disease, had a child, inspired her family and friends, and then ultimately lost her life to the disease on April 24, 2008.

She is and always will be missed by all who knew and loved her.

Now, 15 years after her passing, all who knew and loved her remain inspired and have vowed to come together to continue her fight against the disease and help others benefit from her grace, strength, and love.

Friend or stranger, you can be part of this very special life and now important cause, just like Jessica would have wanted.

The Purple Promise Foundation to End Melanoma | P.O. Box 790033 | Charlotte, NC 28206

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